Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions

Innovative downhole pumping solutions for deep oil wells, gas well dewatering, and more

The "Kaffiholen" closed loop downhole hydraulic operated pump - A great alternative for those wells where you want rod pumps, but crooked wells, high wellbore deviation and/or surface pollution using rods inspires you to think alternatives

We develop perhaps the industries lowest complexity deep wellbore type pumping solutions, where key factors are reliability and cost to install, operate and retrieve. Our main focus is rig less deployments, where local crew (your own or from one of our many partners world wide) perform the installations, commissioning and later retrieval of the systems. That saves you cost and simplifies logistics.

Also we base our pumps on abilities for local manufacture of long components, due to the simplicity of the design and lowering transport costs. Again, saving you cost and simplifying logistics.

Using static wellbore umbilical powering the downhole pump, leakage of gas and/or oil to the environment shall be eliminated.

We have developed a larger OD low complexity hydraulic operated downhole pump (5,9" max OD) that can be used for oil or gas wells. See video below.
This pump can be jointed or spooled tubing deployed, and/or later wireline replaceable. It will work horizontal, and will be a great tool to improve total drainage from mature horizontal wells.

Retrofit downhole pump to boost production from gas lifted offshore wells

The compressed gas operated pump we first developed can be used to boost production from offshore gas lifted wells, where the gas lift gas is used to power the pump. Hence, our pump may be retrofitted into the wells, to depths below the lowermost gas lift valve, where the pump will deliver fluid up to the gas lift valves.

This patent pending solution was invented for declined fields, where gas lift valve depth no longer are optimum for the wells to produce to its maximum potential.